CDXZipStream 3.1

Calculates ZIP code distance, gets distance between two points, etc.
3.1.4 (See all)

Do you need to find latitude and longitude for a list of addresses, identify the closest stores to your customers, calculate driving distances or get ZIP Code demographics for a location-based marketing campaign? CDXZipStream is a Microsoft Windows Excel add-in that works right in your spreadsheet. The software tool can perform thousands of calculations at a time. Just specify what data you want and where you want it, and CDXZipStream does the rest.

Features include easy, on-demand access from Excel, automatic data updating, and multiple demographic data feeds. CDXZipStream is also compatible with both Bing Maps and Microsoft MapPoint. The Bing Maps web service offers up-to-date, worldwide coverage and can be used to geocode, reverse-geocode, calculate driving distance and time, perform route optimization, verify addresses, look up USPS ZIP and Postal Codes, and create maps.

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